There is no card or menu at Riad Alili because Fatima only cooks fresh products bought the same day at the market so every day is a new day. Every morning we offer a choice between a minimum of 2 recipes + any special request for people suffering from allergies or our vegetarian friends.

Let's discover together some dishes that Fatima has the secret:

  • Our famous Alili couscous shared between friends in the large living room
  • The famous Pastilla great specialty of Marrakech that mixes the flavors of sweet and salty
  • A large choice of Tajines (here)
  • The famous Tanjia Marrakchia cooked in the oven of the hammam
  • The delicious mechoui cooked in traditional underground ovens
  • A wide choice of desserts as light as delicious that will make you discover the Moroccan flavors and fragrances of lemon, avocado, orange blossom, cinnamon etc …

Tajine with prunes

Apricot tagine

Quince Tajine

Tajine au Poulet

Chicken Tagine

Tagine with fish and vegetables

Tajine Kefta

Vegetarian tagine